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Metal Fabricators of Zambia Plc (ZAMEFA) was incorporated in the Republic of Zambia under the Zambian Companies Act as a public limited liability company and is domiciled in Zambia. ZAMEFA was incorporated in 1968 and privatized in 1996.

The Board of Directors (“the Board”) of Metal Fabricators of Zambia Plc (“the Company”) primarily derives its authority in respect of and responsibilities and duties to the Company from:

  1. The Companies Act, Chapter 388, 26 of 1994, 6 of 1995, 1 of 2000 (“The Companies Act”).
  2. The LuSE Listings Requirements
  3. The Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association
  4. The Zambian Common Law.

Dividends payable to the Company’s shareholders are charged to equity in the period in which they are declared. Proposed dividends are shown as a separate component of equity until declared.

The total number of employees in 2017 was 341 compared to 2016’s 322.

It was when the company became listed on the Lusaka Securities Exchange in September 2004.

You can find ZAMEFA investor relations contact details here.

Shareholders are required to receive a share certificate right after they buy at least one share.


You can find our latest consolidated financial statement here.

The Company’s auditors are Messrs Deloitte & Touche.

The authorised and issued and fully paid share capital of the Group in 2017 was K27,090,099.

ZAMEFA shares are traded on the Lusaka Securities Exchange located in Lusaka, Zambia.

You can buy ZAMEFA shares by contacting any of the brokers registered with LuSE available here.

You can find ZAMEFA’s transfer agent contact details here.

By contacting our registered stock broker: Stock Brokers Zambia Limited or our transfer secretary: Sharetrack Zambia Limited. You can find both their contact details on our IR website and here.


You can find information about the ZAMEFA board of directors here.

You can find information about the ZAMEFA management here.

As at 30 September 2017, shareholders with substantial shareholding (5% or more) in the Company’s share capital were as follows: Reunert International Investments (Mauritius) Limited 75.000% National Pensions Scheme Authority 12.147%.

The Company remains committed to the principles of good corporate citizenship and has continued in its quest to invest in structured social programs to address specific needs of its surrounding communities in which it conducts business. Working in partnership with local government authorities the Company considers various social projects on the basis of sustainability and ability to benefit the majority of residents in the community.

The total remuneration paid to employees during the year ending September 2017 amounted to Zmk 37,271,000 (2016: Zmk 29,706,000).

In 2017 the Group paid Zmk 3,628,000 to Executive Managers as remuneration and Zmk 197, 000 to Independent Non-Executive Directors as Directors’ fees. Members of the Board were not entitled to any form of retirement benefits.

During the year, the Company retained its 100% equity interest in Mazambane Trading 106 Proprietary (SA) Limited.

The Company recognises its responsibility for fostering a strong ethical environment so that its affairs are conducted according to the highest standards of personal and corporate conduct. This responsibility is characterised and reflected in the Code of Business Ethics and Policies, which is distributed throughout the Company and has been subscribed by all employees.

Press Releases

ZAMEFA’s fiscal year end is 30 September and Financial Statements are released within 3 months of the Financial year end.

ZAMEFA releases half year earnings reports and full year results through the press and LuSE website and you can find our historical releases here.

You can find ZAMEFA’s financial information from the Investors relations portal and Annual Reports here.

Yes. You can find that information here.

Dividends are declared at the Annual General Meeting.

As and when there is an event requiring the release of cautionary announcements.

As and when there are events requiring the release of release trading statements and profit warning notices.


Shareholders who are registered in the company’s share register on the record date of the AGM and who have notified the company on time of their intention to attend, are entitled to attend ZAMEFA’s AGM and to exercise their voting rights.

Every share entitles its holder to one vote. The number of votes to which a shareholder is entitled will depend upon the number of shares registered in the share register under the shareholder number on the record date of the AGM.

An annual general meeting (AGM) is a mandatory yearly gathering of a company’s interested shareholders. At the AGM, the directors of the company present an annual report containing information for shareholders about the company’s performance and strategy. Shareholders with voting rights vote on current issues, such as appointments to the company’s board of directors, director’s compensation, dividend payments and selection of auditors.

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