Metal Fabricators of Zambia Plc. (ZAMEFA) was incorporated in 1968 and was privatised in 1996. The Company became listed on the Lusaka Stock Exchange (LuSE) in September 2004.

The Ultimate parent company for ZAMEFA is Reunert LIMITED, a company incorporated in South Africa and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Reunert Limited holds its investment in ZAMEFA through its wholly owned subsidiary, Reunert International Investments (Mauritius) Ltd incorporated in Mauritius.

Reunert manages a portfolio of businesses in the fields of electrical engineering, ICT and applied electronics. The group was established in 1888 by Theodore Reunert and Otto Lenz, and has contributed to the South African economy in numerous ways over the past 127 years. The group was listed on the JSE in 1948 and is included in the industrial goods and services (electronic and electrical equipment) sector of the JSE. The group operates mainly in South Africa with operations in Australia, Lesotho, Sweden, the USA, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Group headquarters are located in Woodmead, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Reunert has a proud legacy of quality products and services. Internationally recognized quality standards ensure that products and services in the group meet demanding requirements. ZAMEFA as intergraded group cable manufacturer can offer a wide range of products utilizing diverse products manufactured within Reunert Electrical Engineering group of companies.

Reunert International Investments (Mauritius Ltd) 75% Shareholding
General Cable Corporation decision to divest Asia Pacific and Africa
ZAMEFA establish new Sales and Distribution Center in Lusaka
ZAMEFA certified ISO 18001 Safety (first in Zambia)
General Cable Corporation 75% shareholding
ZAMEFA Certified ISO 14001 Environment
ZAMEFA listed on Lusaka Stock Exchange
ZAMEFA Certified ISO 9001 Quality Management
ZAMEFA is Privatised. Phelps Dodge Cable Corp. 55% Share Holding
ZAMEFA officially open as ROD and Cable & wire manufacturer
ZAMEFA is Incorporated. Phelps Dodge Africa Cable Corporation 20% Shareholding.


Metal Fabricators of Zambia has the expertise to supply a product range that meets user requirements and to design and manufacture a comprehensive range of low voltage electrical energy cables and insulated wires up to 800mmsq.

ZAMEFA also designs and manufactures overhead Aluminum conductors(ACSR) and solid sector aluminum low voltage energy cables.
Included in this manufactured and group supply range are:

Building wire
Flexible Wire
Low Voltage PVC/XLPE insulated cable
Medium Voltage XLPE
Medium Voltage paper-insulated cable
Aerial Bundled Conductor (ABC)
High Voltage XLPE insulated cable
99.9% copper casted ROD
Copper Shapes
Telecom Cables

ZAMEFA has a unique processing structure of being able to process copper cathode as an input raw material and produce cable as a finished product. Being situated in the Copperbelt we are guaranteed best Zambia copper cathode supplies for our cable production programmes. This position enables ZAMEFA to take advantage of adjusting its manufacturing programmes at short notice to suite its customers’ requirements.

Makeni Sales and Distribution Centre(MDC), situated along Kafue Road in Makeni, Lusaka, offers exstock products, cutting operation and knowledgeable sales team allowing optimal customer service within Lusaka and surrounding provinces.


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As part of Reunert and CBI group of companies, ZAMEFA can offer various solutions. Click below to view our Solutions.

CBi-electric: ZAMEFA
CBI-electric: CAFCA
CBI-electric: African Cables
CBI-electric: Low Voltage
CBi-electric: Telecom Cables
Nashua Office Automation
Nashua Communications
Quince Capital
Reutech Radar Systems
Reutech Communications
Reutech Solutions
Fuchs Electronics
RC&C Manufacturing


What happens when three leaders in their fields combine their expertise while retaining their core values and character? The power of four when merged into one results in a partner of formidable resources in infrastructure development that is unmatched on the African continent. That is the synergistic result of the grouping together of Reunert companies ZAMEFA, ATC, African Cables and CAFCA under the brand name CBI-electric, combining, telecom, fiber, wire and cables.
Competition in the global arena requires a concentration of resources that in concert will have more influence than will individual parts. In particular, it positions the organization to take advantage of the rapidly developing electrical and telecommunications industries. The concentrated power of four highly skilled companies into a single brand will deliver benefits for customers in the form of highly skilled crossover resources. For existing clients there is the reassurance that same people will continue delivering a superior offering.

In 2012 the business of Tank Industries (Pty) Ltd was officially acquired as a going concern by the Reunert Group and operates within
CBI-electric: african cables division.

Together we are now able to provide a complete product offering when it comes to any cable installation, whether it is electrical power, telecommunications or fiber optics. ZAMEFA offer Tank full range of MV Joints and Terminations locally stocked in Lusaka Zambia.

Since 1935, African Cables, now CBI-electric: african cables, has designed and manufactured a comprehensive range of electric power cables at its Vereeniging factory. The growth of its manufacturing facility has consistently met local demand for product, while technological advancement has remained abreast of international trends. Today, the company employs over 800 people and is a leader in the South African cable industry.
In June of 2006 Reunert redefined the brand identity of its electrical companies under the central brand of CBI-electric.
Apart from manufacturing, there is a division within CBI-electric: african cables that specializes in the installation and maintenance of high and medium voltage cable.

Power Installations is a division of CBI-electric: african cables that specializes in the installation and maintenance of Medium (11-33kV) and High (44-132kV) Voltage Power Cable.
The division has been in operation since 1986 during this time the division has achieved many milestones, not least of which was the installation and commissioning of the first ever high voltage XLPE cable to be installed in South Africa – still in operation, without failure, for over twenty years.
Power Installations is the forerunner, in South Africa, of installation of medium voltage and high voltage power cables. Installations take place on a turnkey basis with cable supplied from CBI-electric: african cables, accessories from local and/or international suppliers and the installation of these performed by Power Installations personnel.
High voltage installations are backed by fully type tested systems ensuring that the installation has been tested in its entirety and has proven compatibility of the cable with its associated accessories. In certain cases, customers have requested type testing of medium voltage cable circuits and these have also been easily accommodated by Power Installations.
In addition to turnkey work the division focuses strongly on maintenance of high voltage fluid filled and XLPE cable systems.